Rubber & Gasket Company of America Display

Every company wants their projects to be successful. 

But want you really want is for the client to be so happy with their project, they call you back for more work.  

After creating a training video for a new client, we were called back a month later for another project. However this project was a little different.  

Our client, Rubber & Gasket Company of America, is a growing company, who is not only looking for talented employees, but are also looking to expand their client base. To help attract new staff and business, RGA asked us to design a display that would be used at trade shows and job fairs.  

RGA is a very diverse company. They provide industrial products that keep manufacturing plants going in industries ranging from mining, oil and gas, to food service. If they don't have what you need, they can make it.

For this project, a generic display that many companies have at trade shows would just not work. An image can say so much more than words. We spent a full day at their warehouse photographing their employees and products. We decided to keep the design clean and simple with photos, but enough to show the diversity of the products this company offers.  

Yes, we do more than just video. Need a project similar to this? Please contact us for more information.

Rubber & Gasket Co., of America Training Video

Safety and training videos can be dull and boring, but they don't have to be.  When approached about this latest project for the Rubber & Gasket Co of America our client wanted a video that employees would watch and learn from. We have always been big fans of the show How it's Made and thought a video along those lines would keep the video interesting.  Keeping the script short and concise, while adding moving elements with graphics helps keep the viewer interested. The client was blown away when they saw the final product.

RGA is a nation-wide industrial rubber distributor and fabricator. If you need any type of industrial rubber product or fluid moving hose RGA has it; gasket cutting, belt vulcanization, hose assembly, metal hose, and expansion joint welding.

Here are some of the Behind-the-Scenes shots from the production.