The Woodruff House

The Quapaw Quarter Association promotes the preservation of Little Rock’s architectural heritage through advocacy, marketing and education. Backfocus Productions was asked to create a video that explained both the history and significance of the Woodruff House and its original owner, William Woodruff.  The video details the importance of restoring and preserving the house with its rich history of both Arkansas and Little Rock.

William Woodruff was the first printer in the Arkansas Territories. In 1819, he published what is considered by some to be the oldest newspaper west of the Mississippi, The Arkansas Gazette. The Gazette would later become the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette which is currently the Arkansas' largest newspaper. William Woodruff was more than just a printer.  He was a politician, entrepreneur, businessman, ardent Confederate, and a founding father of Little Rock. His last home that resides between 8th and 9th streets just east of I-30 and was one of the first Urban farms in the area. During the Civil War, Woodruff was banished from Little Rock by the Union Army and they took over his home which was later used as a hospital and officers headquarters.

Since Woodruff's death, the house has gone through many changes over the years.  In the last decade, the Woodruff House has become unlivable.  It is so very important to help preserve this house and the history it can tell us.