Timber Kings HGTV

Timber Kings

Last year, we worked on a new TV series for HGTV Canada: Timber Kings. If you like log homes, you will love this series.

It follows Pioneer Log Homes, based in Canada, and shows the ins and outs of building these giant natural structures. They choose and hand-cut the trees in Canada, assemble them into a custom built homes... or should I say mansions… since most of these homes are at least 6,000 square feet. Once assembled, the homes are numbered and put onto trucks or boats and shipped anywhere in the world.

BackFocus Productions was hired to shoot a few episodes on one of the houses they were assembling in Heber Spring, Arkansas. While the series is about the houses, it is also about the colorful construction crew and problems that arise when undertaking such a project.  The crew from Canada were great to work with and the series, which started airing in January, has become a big success for HGTV Canada. Below is a small teaser for one of the episodes we worked on.

Update: Due to the shows success in Canada, Discovery Channel America has now picked up the show and premiered the first episode of the series last Saturday night at 9 p.m. Central.  Check your local listings since the show will be on numerous times throughout the week.