Hero Dog Awards

Meet John D.  He is one amazing dog.

Late last summer, we had the honor of spending a few days with the 2013 Search and Rescue Dog of the year.  John D just happens to live here in Arkansas.  Not only can John D find people injured and trapped in rubble, but he can find and locate drowning victims...under the water. Unless you see it for yourself, it's hard to believe, but he can.  One would think that alone is amazing, but John D is also at the forefront of new cancer detection.

He can actually smell the blood of a patient and detect Thyroid Cancer, before actual blood tests are done.  UAMS is currently working to get this early detection system approved.  Not only will it provide fast results, but also help reduce unnecessary and costly testing.

The Hero Dog Awards are awarded once a year and the top dogs and owners from the eight chosen categories are awarded a trip to the big Hero Dog Show Awards in Los Angeles.   This is a big red carpet event that was televised this year on the Hallmark channel back in November.   Numerous celebrities are there and also present the awards and videos to the owners.  Out of the eight categories, one final winner is chosen to be the Top Hero Dog of the Year.

While John D did not win Top Dog, he and the other dogs nominated are unbelievable at their jobs.

So give them a hand and check out the other winners from the 2013 Hero Dog Awards.

BackFocus Productions worked along with MRB Productions out of  Los Angeles on this project providing on-location sound recording and lighting assistance.