You're looking at a new product launch for Evraz, the second largest steel manufacturer in the world. EVRlock is a high strength connection used in the oil and natural gas industry. EVRlock was designed to withstand the high pressures and strains that modern drilling techniques, such as horizontal drilling and fracking, places on these types of connections.

These connections are so precise that the threads are measured down to the micron. The video is not just about the connector, but the people behind to scenes that help make, measure, design and test the connections. EVRlock not only makes a great connector, but the company works to make a great connection to their clients.

Below are some behind-the-scenes photos which took place in three different locations in Canada over a weeks time. As you can probably tell it was a little cold, -41 Fahrenheit one morning.

I do want to extend a HUGE word of thanks to: the agency Steele+Pixel Rocket Media  for knocking out some awesome graphics as alwaysReclaim Creation  for sound recording and music,  KES Photo, and Two Words Productionsfor helping to make this project possible.