EVRAZ Rail Trade Show Video

This video is a great way to show why we love working in this business.

You never know what is next and everyday is something different.  It is even better when you get to work with one of our favorite clients, EVRAZ and Steele+.

EVRAZ is the second largest steel manufacturer in the world and the number one producer of rail for railroads.

Last fall, we collaborated with Steele+ to work on a video for a trade show that EVRAZ a part of.  However, this was not a simple little trade show.  This was a HUGE vendor trade show specifically geared for Rail.  That would involve anything and everything to do with railroads.  Oh! Did I mention that it was held in Brazil?  So not only did we have to make a English version of the video, but made a version in Portuguese as well. Both video would be played on separate screen on different sides of the trade show, and they had to sync up together.  This this was a one heck of a project.

If you would like to see the Portuguese version... here it is.